What is a pre-order
These are products that are not (yet) in stock. The description of the item states that it is a pre-order. Pre-orders are also limited in many cases, so be quick. Pre-orders are cheaper at TBHstore than when the item is in stock, because we save on storage costs and we are happy to pass that advantage back to our customers. In addition, some items are so exclusive that they are only available on pre-order.

When will the delivery take place?
Although this item may arrive at any time, we estimate the manufacturer will release it in the month and year listed in the discription of the item (for example, December 2023). Please note that this date is estimated and subject to change at any time due to possible manufacturer delays. Upcoming items may also be cancelled at any time and without notice. Therefore, after you order, please check the website for updated availability information. We ship on a first come, first served basis, so your order will be processed and shipped in the order it was received. If you order multiple per-orders in 1 order, it may be that they arrive on different dates, keep this in mind. If and when we receive a change in date from the supplier, we will adjust this to the relevant article. If it has not been adjusted, we have not (yet) received any new information.

What does Backorder mean?
We are not getting any more updates regarding estimated delevery time but the manufacturer has not cancelles yet.

In what order do pre-orders ship?
We ship in order of incoming orders, the sooner you pre-order the faster you will receive it. It may happen that other stores have an article faster than we do, we have no influence on this as we depend on the delivery. It is not our goal to be the fastest, it is our goal to pack items optimally with professional packaging material and to send them in a high and, above all, collector-worthy manner. We will let our service do the talking.

When do I have to pay?
Payment must be made directly with the order.

Can I combine different orders?
Yes, that's possible. With a pre-order you only pay shipping costs when your item is ready for shipment. An exception applies to shipments to a pick uppoint, in which case you pay shipping costs immediately. As soon as we have the item in house, you will receive an e-mail from us and you can pay the shipping costs (if not already paid). So keep in mind that if you order multiple pre-orders, they may be shipped at different times. If you add an item to the order that we have in stock, you pay separately for shipping costs, because we ship these immediately.

Storage service
Do you want to combine multiple orders in one package and save on shipping costs? No problem, we offer the option to store your order in our warehouse for a maximum of 180 days. Every time you want to add something to your box, you save on shipping costs. If you want to use our storage service, choose "afhalen bij winkelier". We only charge shipping costs when you want the box shipped. If you want to pick up the box yourself, call or e-mail us for a pick-up appointment. This gives you some time to add items from our extensive stock range to the shipment, because you do not have additional shipping costs. If our warehouse is full, we may have to send a box earlier. TBHstore is not liable for damage to items that are stored at the request of the customer.

Can I leave an item in storage longer than 180 days?
Of course we like to help you out and a longer storage is possible. Subject to the available storage space, of course. You should always indicate yourself that you want to place something in storage.

Can I cancel a pre-order?
Yes, you can cancel after your order. This can be done free of charge within 14 days after the order. After this period we will charge 15% of the total amount for administration costs. These are the costs that we must pay in the event of cancellation and we pass them on.

Can I cancel an Acrylic Display Case pre-order?
Yes, you can cancel after your order. This can be done free of charge within 14 days after the order. After this period, cancellation is no longer possible. This is due to the custom ordering of these items.

Cancellation by the manufacturer?
It is possible that a manufacturer does not deliver an ordered item, this can have various causes. In that case we will refund the paid amount.

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