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Thank you for you pre-order.

The article indicates when we expect the delivery to take place. In many cases the delivery will be faster but keep in mind that in some cases it can also take longer. If, in addition to your pre-order, you have ordered anything else that we already have in stock (and the shipping costs have been paid), we will send that part of the order and you will receive the tracking information in a separate e-mail.

You will receive a message from us as soon as we receive the pre-order.

It is possible that a manufacturer does not deliver an ordered item, this can have various causes. In that case we will refund the amount paid.

Do you have questions? Mail us at

Thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

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Free Shipping

Free shipping in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for stock items when you spend over €140.00 . 

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Why TBHstore?

✅ Fast shipping
✅ Professional packing
✅ Up to 180 days free storage 
✅ Wide range of toys & display
✅ Payment plans available
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Pay in instalments

You can pay in installments without us charging any costs or interest. This is possible for both pre-orders and in stock items. Read all about our Payment Plan.

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