Pre-order binnen reminder

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In our previous e-mail we informed you that we have a pre-order for you, so far you have not paid the shipping costs. Below you will find the e-mail 😊

Postage costs
You can pay the shipping costs by selecting the correct shipping option here.

Do you want to add more to your order? That's possible, because you don't have more shipping costs! If you want to merge orders, read later in this e-mail how you can do this. If you have already paid the shipping costs and still received this e-mail, please let us know. Please note, you really have to pay shipping costs via the link, otherwise we cannot see that the shipping costs are part of your pre-order.

Free Shipping
If you order for € 140.00 or more when you have this pre-order sent to you, you will receive free shipping. Read more about free shipping here.

Storage service (if not possible then this is the previous email)
Do you have multiple pre-orders and do you want to combine them into one package to save shipping costs? That's possible, we offer you the option to hold your pre-order in our warehouse for a maximum of 180 days. If another pre-order comes in for you within those 180 days, we will combine it for you. Read more about our storage service here.

Pick up
Of course you can also choose to collect it from us. This is possible on working days between 09:00 and 16:00. We would like to know in advance when you wish to come so that we can ensure that your box is ready.

Multiple items within 1 order
Pre-orders will arrive on different dates, this email is about the item mentioned in the previous e-mail. If the rest of your order has been received, you will also have received an e-mail for those items. If you haven't received an email, it hasn't arrived yet.

Do you have questions? Mail us at

Thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

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Free Shipping

Free shipping in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for stock items when you spend over €140.00 . 

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You can pay in installments without us charging any costs or interest. This is possible for both pre-orders and in stock items. Read all about our Payment Plan.

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